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The Graduate Group in Pharmacology and Toxicology (PTX) at the University of California, Davis, is an interdisciplinary program that combines coursework and experimental training in modern approaches to pharmacological and toxicological problems. The group is comprised of more than 80 faculty members from the School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Medicine, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and the College of Biological Sciences. Areas of research span fundamental and translational research in a broad spectrum of areas within pharmacology and toxicology, including cardiovascular pharmacology, cancer therapeutics, neuropharmacology, drug discovery and design, neurotoxicology, pulmonary toxicology and environmental toxicology. Students complete core courses in pharmacology and toxicology and carry out research rotations during their first year of study. The program offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, and all Ph.D. students receive financial support.

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PTX Students Recommend Research on the Chemicals Released by Burning Land

How do fire-suppression chemicals and pesticides affect wildfire smoke and the health of those who breathe it? UC Davis graduate students discovered that this question cannot be answered based on current scientific evidence and, in a review published in Current Topics in Toxicology, they recommend more studies on the compounds in wildfire smoke. Closing this knowledge gap is particularly important in California, where lines are shrinking between high-population cities and neighborhoods and the farmlands and forests where pesticides and fire-suppression chemicals are used, according to the review authors. California also is where pesticide use and the length and frequency of wildfires - together with the amount of retardants used to stop them - are increasing. "When forests and farmlands catch fire, the chemicals applied to them burn, too, and potentially travel much longer distances than where they were first used," said review author Sarah Carratt, a pharmacology and toxicology graduate student at UC Davis. 

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Incoming students:  you can receive credit for attending PTX seminar series.  Ask about getting credit when you sign up for classes! Contact: etoxgradadvising@ucdavis.edu

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The Pharmacology and Toxicology (PTX) graduate group is dedicated to promoting diversity by actively encouraging membership of students and faculty of diverse cultural backgrounds, identities and experiences. PTX promotes mentorship, leadership, teaching and research that integrates diverse experiences and philosophies to enrich and expand the educational experience and research accomplishments of its members. Collaboration between faculty and students across departmental boundaries not only creates equal opportunities in Pharmacology and Toxicology, but also engages a diverse scientific community.