Immunostained rat hippocampus.

PTX Faculty & Alum Cited in the New York Times

A recent air pollution study from the Lein Lab was cited by the New York Times.

A recent article by the New York Times cited the air pollution research of PTX alum Dr. Kelley Patten, PTX faculty member Dr. Pamela Lein, and other UC Davis scientists: Anthony Valenzuela, Christopher Wallis, Dr. Elizabeth Berg, Dr. Jill Silverman, Dr. Keith Bein, and Dr. Anthony Wexler.  The original research article, The Effects of Chronic Exposure to Ambient Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Alzheimer’s Disease Phenotypes in Wildtype and Genetically Predisposed Male and Female Rats, was first published in the scientific journal Environmental Health Perspectives in May 2021. 

The researchers constructed a model in which rats were chronically exposed to car exhaust from a California highway tunnel.  Rats exposed to this traffic-related air pollution had accelerated development of the rodent equivalent of Alzheimer's Disease.  Findings showed that age, sex, and a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's Disease all influenced disease progression — but even healthy wildtype rats developed the disease after chronic exposure to traffic-related air pollution.  The researchers' article was later chosen as part of Environmental Health Perspectives 2021 Editors' Choice Collection.

The original research article is available to read here.