Laura S Van Winkle, Ph.D., DABT

Laura Van Winkle

Position Title

  • Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology


  • Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of California, Davis PhD
  • Pharmacology, University of California, Santa Barbara, BS (honors)

Department: Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology; School of Veterinary Medicine

Affiliations: Center for Health and the Environment (location of lab and office) 


Research Interests:

Respiratory Pharmacology and Toxicology, Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Toxicology, Environmental Toxicology, and Developmental Toxicology

Research Summary:

Inhaled and ingested chemicals that target the lung including metabolically activated toxicants; Pulmonary cell biology and toxicology; Epithelial injury and repair; Regulation of proliferation; Airway remodeling in response to air pollutants and during postnatal lung development; Lung cancer and asthma; Site and cell specific analysis of toxic effects in complex tissues including oxidant stress

Highlighted Techniques:

Morphometry and Histopathology from frozen, paraffin and resin sections up to TEM/SEM, measurement of biochemical activation and detoxification in tissues (lung and liver whole cells and microsomes), Inhalation exposure, Tissue culture in lung primary cells and cell lines, Immunohistochemistry, Epifluorescent, confocal, darkfield, and hyperspectral microscopy and imaging, Laser capture microdissection, qRT-PCR and Western Blotting Note: Directs Cellular and Molecular Imaging (CAMI) core


  • VMB254
  • VMB253
  • PTX201
  • PMI201
  • VET401 (IOR)

Lab Members:

Joshua Martinez, SRAII;  Morgan Domanico, PTX graduate student
Funding Sources: NIEHS, NCI, NIH OD (equipment), CPMFR
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