Xinbin Chen, Ph.D.

Xinbin Chen

Position Title

  • Surgical and Radiological Sciences


  • Anhui Agricultural University, China; 1978-1982; B.S. (D.V.M.) - Veterinary Medicine
  • Nanjing Agricultural University, China; 1982-1985; M.S. - Microbiology
  • Michigan State University, MI; 1985-1987; Graduate Student - Animal Sciences
  • Michigan State University, MI; 1987-1991; Ph.D. - Microbiology

Department: Surgical and Radiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine
Research Interests:

Genetic and Developmental Pharmacology, Molecular, Cellular, and Biochemical Toxicology, Cancer biology

Research Summary:

The p53 family proteins are transcription factors and consist of p53, p63, and p73. p53 is a tumor suppressor and found to be mutated in 71% of all human cancers. Mutant p53 is not only defective in tumor suppression but also promotes tumor formation. However, p63 and p73 appear to be necessary for the development of various tissues and immune response in addition to tumor suppression. To address these diverse activities for the p53 family proteins, we focus on the following areas of research: (1) to determine the mechanism by which the expression and activity for each p53 family protein is regulated; (2) to determine how p53 family proteins and their target genes participate in tumor suppression and normal development; (3) to determine the mechanism by which mutant p53 obtains a gain of function in promoting tumor formation; and (4) to develop a dog model to study the p53 family proteins in tumor suppression.


  • PMI285, Molecular Basis of Diseases
  • PTX 202, Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Lab Members:

Crystal Berger, graduate student of BMCDP, Yuqian Jiang, graduate student of PTX, Tiffany Yin, graduate student of comparative Pathology, Dr. Yingjuan Qian, postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Min Zhang, postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Yong-Sam Jung, postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Seong Jun Cho, postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Yanhong Zhang, postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Jin Zhang, Project Scientist, Dr. Wensheng Yan, Project Scientist

Lab Rotation Availability: Maybe
Funding Sources: NIH
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